HEllo adventure! co.

   Hello Adventure! Co. LLC was founded in 2019 in Jacksonville, FL as a wedding entertainment and video production company.


   Our CEO and natural born entertainer… Chase Capo has an endearing personality, great sense of humor and genuine passion for music performance.  He’s a lively and fun MC who knows how to move a crowd with his words and music…without ever being obnoxious or annoying.  


     A precise planner with a keen attention to detail, Chase will help you craft a plan for the event, and then be there to make it all happen…just like you envisioned!  In a wedding world where most young DJs are lost when it comes to anything but spinning the tunes, Chase is the rare complete entertainer who delivers as an MC, event facilitator…and purveyor of GREAT MUSIC! 


     Chase grew up in Jacksonville, FL and followed his own adventurous dreams to become a professional musician, successful composer and now a prominent nationally recognized Wedding DJ. 


     He has hosted over 200+ weddings and events since 2015 and was awarded "2017's DJ of the Year" by Black Tie Entertainment, the largest wedding entertainment company in the state of Virginia (with over 25 DJ's!).  


     Since then he's also pursued his deeper passion for filmmaking and together with his fiance Krystal, also capture the beautiful cinematic quality of your wedding day!


     "My life definitely feels like an adventure and I wouldn't want it any other way.  So embrace your journey and say Hello to Adventure!"

-Chase Capo

CEO and Head DJ

Oh, How the turntables have turned

Chase Capo

Chase is your fun and friendly DJ/MC. He loves everything that has to do with music, filmmaking, cinematography and photography. He also loves Krystal, his children and sour patch kids. 


Krystal Pestotnik

Krystal is a warm and outgoing and always gets the best video on your wedding day! Krystal has a keen eye for fashion, loves biographies, her three cats, Chase and avocados.